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SchoolAppTic’s Speedy Math version 1.1 now available in the App Store

We’ve updated Speedy Math!

New in version 1.1, we’ve added an option to create a timed quiz that contains a specified number of problems. So, for example, if you are working on a 40 question 2 minute multiplication quiz you can now simulate that in Speedy Math.

We’ve also added the ability to skip a question if you are doing a timed quiz with a specified number of problems. Skipped questions will be displayed once you get through the rest of the list of problems.

Introducing WES Direct

WES Direct – Stay Connected to the Wallingford Elementary School…Anytime…Anywhere!

WES Direct is a mobile application that connects you to WES by providing you with:
– Current and future events
– Current announcements (WES Mail in your pocket!)
– Faculty and Staff information

Never miss another fundraiser, PTO meeting or school event. We all get a lot of papers and emails sent home with information about what is going on at school. Far too often we put those papers in a pile and forget about them, only to be reminded about the event at the last minute. So if you are tired of baking cookies for that bake sale at midnight, WES Direct can help!

Quickly view upcoming events, whether they be PTO fundraisers, school events, parent-teacher conferences, delayed openings or school holidays. You can even add events to your device’s calendar with a simple click.

Don’t remember those important announcements from a few weeks ago and can’t find the paperwork? Simply pick up WES Direct and quickly find the information you need. You’ll never miss another Spirit Wear sale again!

Need to call your child’s teacher or send them an email? Faculty/Staff contact information is right at your fingertips under WES Info and you can simply click to make a call or compose an email. WES Direct even includes homeroom parent names and contact information, just in case you want to bake those cookies for an upcoming class party.

Does the new rotating specials schedule have you confused? Never send your child to school without sneakers on PE day again. Simply find your teacher and click on Specials to find out what special your child has today.

And finally, lunch. How many times have you scrambled to find that lunch menu in the morning, trying to figure out whether your child is going to bring or buy lunch today? For devices running iOS 8 and above, you can add the WES Lunch Menu widget to your Today Screen and see the school’s lunch menu for the day.

Introducing SchoolAppTic’s Speedy Math

SchoolAppTic’s Speedy Math is totally free…and free of ads!

Forgot your math facts? Having trouble taking timed quizzes at school? Just want to exercise your brain? SchoolAppTic’s Speedy Math can help!

SchoolAppTic’s Speedy Math allows you to define the types of math problems you want to solve, whether it be addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or any combination of the above. You set the number ranges so you can practice easy problems, a times table, or complex long division in your head.

Once you define the types of problems you want to solve, set the game play minutes and start solving math problems! Once time is up, review your work to see what you got right and what you got wrong. Don’t worry, you also get feedback after every answer you submit so you know if you’re on the right track.

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