As a parent and volunteer, I have first-hand experience with the challenges facing Parent-Teacher Organizations as they try to bridge the gap between school and community members. PTOs are comprised of wonderfully enthusiastic volunteers who want to improve their child’s education. But when it comes to technology, it’s the luck of the draw. Did a web developer join the PTO? A marketer? Will they be back next year?

Increasing parent engagement means you need to get the right message to the right people at the right time. Let’s face it, papers in backpacks get lost. Sign-up forms, fundraiser documents, and even invites to special events go unnoticed. How can you make things better?

SchoolAppTic has the answer. Through the combination of both off the shelf and proprietary solutions, we can get your message out via the web, email and mobile devices.

As a technologist, I’m always looking for interesting problems to solve. SchoolAppTic also creates mobile apps that help children learn, reinforcing things like basic math facts in an easy to use environment.