Welcome to Speedy Math!

Speedy Math helps reinforce addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills by having you solve arithmetic problems against the clock.

Before you begin playing you should set up your game parameters. Here you can define what types of problems you want to solve and what number ranges you want to use.

First set up the ranges for the first and second numbers that will be used in the equations.

Then determine how many minutes you would like the game to run. If you want the game to test the student on a specific number of questions (basically a timed quiz) enter the number of problems. Enter 0 if you don’t want to limit the number of questions.

Finally, determine whether or not you want to include Division/Multiplication or Addition/Subtraction problems. Do that by turning the associated switch on or off.

The slider bar allows you to select how often to mix division and multiplication or addition and subtraction.

  • If you want all multiplication problems, move the slider all the way over to the X.
  • Want all division? Move it all the way over to the /.
  • Want to mix it up? Slide it somewhere in the middle.

The same process holds true for addition and subtraction.

After you finish playing the game, the app will show you what questions you got right and what questions you got wrong.

Version 1.1 allows you to skip a problem and come back to it later if you are doing a quiz with a specific number of questions. To skip a problem, simply click Go without entering an answer.

If you have any questions about Speedy Math, feel free to contact us at support@schoolapptic.com