After a summer of camps and fun, we were back in school. Math quizzes returned. My 4th grader came home with his 1st math quiz..a multiplication speed test. Let’s just say we were out of practice.

I immediately started searching for apps in the App Store but was quickly disappointed. Everything either cost too much or if free, was filled with ads. (And kids are attracted to ads like moths to a flame!) Many apps were multiple choice or didn’t have enough configurable parameters. I couldn’t find anything that replicated his math quiz sheets so I decided I should just build him an app. We worked together on the features and I made sure it was an app he would want to use. Being a product person, I immediately started adding features. Just multiplication? Division? How about the younger kids on our street…do they want to play with addition and subtraction?

The result? SchoolAppTic’s Speedy Math, a fully configurable speed math app that helps your child master math facts. You decide what number ranges to use, what operations (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction or any combination of the above) and how much time your has to work his or her problems. When finished, you can review their answers, see what they got right and what they got wrong. Use that feedback to further configure their math problems (problems with the 8s tables? You can just work those!)

Read the instructions for how to configure and play SchoolAppTic’s Speedy Math here.

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