WES Direct includes four basic functions:

Home – a home page that lists the next few events and the last few announcements. You can click on an event or announcement to go the details page.

Events – The WES calendar, including PTO Events, Fundraisers, Holidays and School activities throughout the year. You can click on an event to get details. For each event, you can click on the “Add to Calendar” button to add that event to your device’s default calendar. Note that you must grant the app permission to access your calendar. And you can always revoke permission through the settings application.

Announcements – The latest announcements from the WES PTO. These are the same announcements that are displayed on the WESKids web site. Click on an announcement to view details. Note that announcements are categorized so you can quickly identify the type of announcement displayed (e.g. Fundraiser, Event, Volunteer Opportunity, etc.)

WES Info – Here you can view information about WES (call in for absences, etc.) as well as gaining access to a faculty/staff and district staff list. You can click on any faculty/staff member to see their contact information (phone, email, building/room.) For teachers, you also see a listing of the homeroom parents and, where applicable, a link to their special’s schedule.

Today Widget – if you have OS 8 or above, you can add the WES Lunch Menu widget to your Today Screen. This widget displays the Elementary School lunch menu for today. (If no lunch is served today, nothing will display.) Access the Today screen by swiping down from the top of the screen. At the bottom, click the Edit button. You’ll see the WES Lunch Menu widget listed. Simply click the (+) sign next to the widget to add it to your Today Screen. Want to remove it? Click edit and then the (-) button next to the widget.

Need more help? Simply email us at support@schoolapptic.com.